Custom Build Full Race Exhaust


Full race exhaust with FIA 200 cell race cats


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The full race exhaust comprises of our catback system (so you can buy it in stages) as well as a pair of cat replacement sections. We have designed and specified our own cats for these cars, 200 cell but with a 72g coating means no engine management lights and maximum power.

The 720s standard system has its first, 400 cell cat mere millimeters from the outlet of the Borg Warner turbo, thats not great for power so we created a custom flange (Borg Warner will only sell theirs to Mclaren) and then extended the distance to the cat by 12cm. We then add our own specification cat and then straight through the pipe to connect with the catback section at the top of the engine bay.

Standard exhausts are surrounded with heat insualtion barrier so we get rid of that and then Zircotec ceramic coat the entire section. Ceramic coating is the best way of dealing with heat, it literally means the heat is kept inside the pipe and exits the car and not heat the engine bay. We only use Zircotec and we only use their highest level of coating and evne the highest specification colour, if you want gold then go right ahead but you’ll drop the ratong 30-40 degrees, so we only spec the grey/black – the highest coating level possible. Once all the panels are on you cant see it anyway!

We then mount the system to our catback where we ditch the silencers, widen the bore of the balance pipe, re-position the balance pipe close to the engine (to deepen the note) and create an effective straight through exhaust which maximises airflow and maximises sound.

The sound is awesome, we are extremely proud of this system, it really is nigh on perfect for the 720s. Quiet on cruising, no boom but a loud bark in gear changes, a scream at higher rpm and track day noise friendly – 100db driveby at 6000rpm at 6m distance, and 99db static at 6500rpm at 1m distance.

As with all of our custom build exhausts we only use type 304 stainless steel , we only use mandrel bends so the interior airflow is maximised and all are covered by our lifetime warranty, each exhaust is hand built to the car by us in our workshops – we dont just bolt it on (which means the cost includes labour to fit).

Price includes labour, which is extensive to fit so if you ‘d rather buy an off the shelf system be aware that fitting takes 20 hours! We have to:

Remove rear airbrake
Remove all undertrays
Remove top covers
Remove ECU’s
Remove rear bumper
Remove all rear grills
Remove rear lights
Remove all rear brackets
Remove rear deck
Remove rear heat sheilds
Remove rear firewall
Remove exhaust
Degas Aircon system
Remove air pipes
Remove OEM cats

Then replace it all again. Its 20 hours IF you know what you’re doing and re-gassing the aircon costs £350 on its own.

All of this is included in our price as is the Zircotec coating for the cat section, this alone is £850 and is included.

Price is to use the standard car exhaust tips but we can add any number of ideas here from carbon fibre , titanium and steel, the World is your oyster (but at extra cost).

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