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Total Vauxhall Live 2010

By Thorney Motorsport – Mon, 09 Aug 2010 13:00

Finally, a Vauxhall track show and even Castle Combes truly miserable weather couldn’t kill it. First event of this kind for Vauxhall cars and owners took the track with gusto the track being busy all day. We were there with our two  Astra VXR-R race cars giving lucky winners a chance to ride with in the full spec Dunlop Sportmaxx race cars.

tvl-1.jpg Stage 4 VXR-R and VXR tvl-3.jpg 300BHP Stage 4 VX220T tvl-2.jpg 340BHP Stage 4 VXR-R

As well as our own drivers a certain BTCC winner, John Cleland got to have a go in one of the VXR-R cars (which act as development for our road car upgrades) and his response was unequivocal – “What a great car, lovely handling – a bit more power and you’d be getting nearer a BTCC car!”, thanks John.

Paul Swift was there with his stunt driving show and the race cars got dragged into proceedings with Paul sliding his way round the track ‘parking’ (the word hardly does it justice) his VXR Corsa in between the race cars, the show was being filmed for the new series of Ultimate Car Tuning ( ) but here is a short clip here: [link]

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