BMW E92 M3 Race Car


By John Thorne – Wed, 03 Apr 2013 18:13

The E92 M3 is still only just being adopted by the racing fraternity and yet Thorney Motorsport are on their third build, 1 is racing in Britcar, one in Europe and one (when complete) in Grand am in the USA so you might say we have some experience.

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A lot of the E46 M3 builders will (with some justification) say that the E46 is a ‘better’ shell and certainly it is lighter but with the right preparation (and a decent budget) a 1000kg E92 M3 can be achieved. Add to that an unstressed 475bhp and you see the advantages over an S54 engined E46.

a-britcar-24-028_1.jpg picture4.JPG IMG_0193.JPG

If the engine is the east part the handling and aerodynamics make up for it, aero is critical on this chassis to the extent that we are still the only UK based team to have undertaken extensive wind tunnel work at MIRA for the E92 chassis. It also took us some time to come up with the right suspension set up, we went through three different suspension suppliers to get there.

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All this means we are well placed to advise and build an E92 M3 race car, so contact us for further details.

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