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E92 M3 Race Car Preparation

By Thorney Motorsport – Thu, 26 Nov 2009 11:49

As part of our commitment to the CSL Cup, we have begun stripping our E92 M3 for use in the series in 2010. Follow the progress here in a pictorial style, with the unveiling of the UK’s 1st E92 M3 race car at Autosport in January.

Step 1 – Stripping

Moton_E90_Web_010_3.jpg The M3 in it’s former glory.
e92m3_web011.jpg Front end gone. S65 still in place.
e92m3_web068.jpg All changeable body parts off to have ‘aero’ adjustments.
e92m3_web095.jpg For Sale: E92 M3 Interior
e92m3_web072.jpg Nearly ready to come out..
e92m3_web092.jpg All gone!
e92m3_web096.JPG Aero aids already being fabricated. e92m3_web094.jpg Interior will lose all sound deadening.
e92m3_web080.jpg Custom Carbon Airbox & Intake in production. e92m3_web085.jpg Dashboard silhouette will remain. e92m3_web065.jpg Unfortunately, there’ll only be one seat in here. e92m3_web066.jpg iDrive will definitely be gone!

Step 2 – The Cage
E92_cage_069.JPG Rear Beam Brace
E92_cage_039.JPG X Brace
E92_cage_038.JPG Rear Strut Bracing
E92_cage_059.JPG Foot of B-Pillar
E92_cage_052.JPG Front Leg Brace
E92_cage_064.JPG B-Pillar Assembly
E92_cage_061.JPG Overall Cabin E92_cage_065.JPG Rear Leg Bracing
E92_cage_072.JPG Pedal box brought backward.
E92_cage_073.JPG Gucci AP Racing Air Jacks E92_cage_070.JPG Gear Lever Extension E92_cage_077.JPG 1ft of Steering Column Extension E92_cage_076.JPG Seating position as far back as possible. E92_cage_067.JPG Dashboard Brace E92_cage_059.JPG Foot of B-Pillar
E92_M3_Transmission_Tunnel_Steering_Column_Stripped.jpg E92 M3 Transmission Tunnel Stripped & Extended Steering Column
E92_M3_Rollcage_Rear_Cabin.jpg E92 M3 Rear Cabin Stripped Rollcage
E92_M3_Engine_Bay_Stripped_Rollcage.jpg E92 M3 Engine Bay Stripped

Step 3 – Front Aero

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