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Ford RS Tuning Upgrades

By Thorney Motorsport – Fri, 18 Jun 2010 11:16

focus-rs-head_1.jpgThorney Motorsports’ Own Focus RS Development Car

ThorneyMotorsport are delighted to announce a new range of performance upgrades forthe Ford Focus RS.

Alreadywell known as the largest Vauxhall and BMW tuning company in the UK, completewith a network of Performance Centres across the UK Vauxhall dealer network themove to enter the Ford tuning market is a surprise for many.

JohnThorne, founder of Thorney Motorsport comments:

rs-thorney.jpg Focus RS Tuning

“Itsquite simple really, the Focus RS is simply a stunning road car as standard,however its comprises as a standard road car make the desire for upgrading thecar in total a very logical one, in short we loved it and at TMS we tend todevelop cars we love.”

ThorneyMotorsport have been developing their range of upgrades for the car since theday it came out, buying their own car and developing each upgrade one by oneuntil it was fully tested and developed. Thorne continues:

“Itsbeen a long process but we are very deliberate in our testing and developmentprocedure, we are never first to the market but I think we are the best, havingour own car which we develop on means we are able to try out a great many ideasbefore we settle on the best”

Afull range of upgrades have been developed, power upgrades to 400bhp, brakeupgrades from AP and Brembo, intercoolers from Forge, exhaust upgrades fromMilltek Sport and suspension upgrades from Eibach and Moton. Specialising inrace and track day car preparation the upgrades are designed around absoluteperformance rather than ‘bragging rights’ numbers.

Thecar will be featured in series of articles in Fast Ford magazine explainingeach upgrade and the process undertaken in its development and will beattending Ford Fair in August giving passenger rides on track driven by one ofThorney Motorsports own race car drivers.

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