Mclaren Engine Advice


It has come to our attention that it is possible to cause engine damage to Mclaren cars if the car is run with low oil pressure or low oil level.

Now this may sound a bit ‘well, really’ but due to the potential consequences resulting from such action we feel it necessary to make owners aware of the risks.

Are of the engine where damage most commonly occurs.

In the event of running the engine at high rpm when cold or at any rpm with low oil the lack of lubrication is resulting in cam and cam follower damage. Mclaren do not supply engine parts separately so damage to these parts requires a new head, a minimum £4000 part up to £7000 for a 12c and the engine must be removed to effect the repair – 20 hours of labour so its not a minor fix.

Shows excess wear on cam and follower due to lack of lubrication

Our advice to owners is to always warm the car up fully before using higher rpm and to check their oil levels regularly, especially after a a service as its also come to our attention that some cars are being incorrectly serviced with inaccurate oil levels.

Area of the engine concerned

For details on how to check your oil level take a look at a short video here:

So, our advice to owners is always warm their cars up fully before any high rpm work and check your oil regularly, not exactly rocket science but certainly worth following.