McLaren Exhaust Upgrades



We have been designing and building sports exhausts for over 20 years, initially working with a variety of suppliers and then bringing the whole process from design to construction in house where we hand made all our exhausts here at Silverstone.

However, the demand for our exhaust upgrades, especially McLaren has simply grown too far for us to be able to handle it in house so over the last 18 months we have been moving the production process back to the specialist exhaust suppliers in the UK and after nearly 2 years of work we are now ready to release these to the Worldwide market.

To say we are proud of all of our designs would be an understatement, we have developed multiple versions testing each one for sound, power, construction and quality so that the final designs reflect the ultimate design with our standard motorsport philosophy – simple is best, the more you complicate a solution the more likely it wont be as efficient.

As a result all of our McLaren exhaust designs are simple to maximise the airflow through the system – the ultimate point of a sports exhaust but at the same time using the design to maximise the tone and quality of the sound. Nothing beats our exhausts, regardless of McLaren model.

All of the McLaren exhausts are either sports (from catalytic converter back) or race – full systems with either FIA race cats or decat pipes (fitting is subject to local regulations). All of the exhausts are available in stainless steel, inconel or titanium and all have options for either using the OEM exhaust tips or changing to a variety of different tips depending on model. You can even change tips to different types without needing to change the exhaust – a unique feature for McLaren exhaust upgrades.

All of our exhausts are available exclusively from our network of Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist dealers who can offer both supply as well as fully fitted services all supported by us here in the UK. They are also available direct via mail order shipped Worldwide.

All of our exhausts have a lifetime warranty for construction and materials, this reduces to 2 years for catalytic converters (they do wear out). All are available from stock. Each model is quite different so click the model below to see the various options. To see the details of our Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Dealers click here.

Handling Upgrades
Handling Upgrades
Handling Upgrades
Handling Upgrades