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Mclaren Geometry Settings

We often get asked about our geometry set up from owners who are perhaps a little far away to take advantage of our service. To help those here are all the standard vehicle geometry settings for every Mclaren model. As new cars are released we will update the page.

Of course just knowing the settings is a little meaningless if you dont have the equipment or skill to work on the cars, but its a start for some and whilst the job is time consuming (allow 3 hours+) its not overly technical. We’ve done a video showing what we do that might be usefull;



Mclaren 675LT


Mclaren 570, 540, GT


Mclaren 650s


Mclaren 720s, 720 Spider


Mclaren 12c, 12c Spider


Mclaren P1


We strongly advise that you chose a wheel alignment shop that has the required skills to do the job!

3 thoughts on “Mclaren Geometry Settings

  1. Hi John
    I own a McLaren MP4 12C Spider serial number 2743 and leave in Switzerland. Unfortunately there is no McLaren independent maintenance shop here in Switzerland. Coming to you to England, is a little bit a far trip just to do service ;-). My car is absolute fantastic and I drive about 8000 Km a year.

    Last Friday a colleague of me and I made a tour over several Swiss alpine passes. My colleague has a McLaren MP4 12 C Coupe with the very early serial number 135. Because he complains that his car is lacking the ultimate driving precision, we swapped cars for a while. For me there was a big difference in steering feel between the two cars. The steering force on the wheel of the #135 is much lower and road feedback is inferior than it is with #2743. We both came to the conclusion, that the #2743 is much easier to control at the limit, because you have more road feedback on the wheel.

    Why is there such a large difference between the same car type ? Did they change steering rack in the later MP4 12C or did they change something in the “ProActive Chassis Control” ?

    It would be nice, if you can answer me this question.
    Kind regards

    Because it seems you have a very thorough know how about the technical details of these cars, I ask you the following question.

    1. Sounds very much like one car geo was out, I’d bet they both were tbh. Take a look in our news section, we list the geo settings for every mclaren model, take those to a decent alignment place and they should be able to sort for you.

      1. Hi John
        Thank you for your response.
        We will go to the McLaren Service Center in Zurich. I hope they will be able to correctly adjust the geometry

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