Open Day Update 1


In the final week run up to our open day we will be releasing a daily update as to things we have planned and to see on the 11th, however the first update (and we feel the most important) is why we are making such an all out effort for the day.

As a company and as individuals we have always contributed time and money to a few charitable causes but in the last few years there have been two charities that have most been in our minds, Macmillan and Help for Heroes.


Macmillan are sometimes the forgotton cancer charity, so much is raised for the treatment of this horrible disease but sometimes we forget the car that sufferers need to deal with it all. Macmillan were there for us personally when Esme (Johns wife) got cancer and we have never missed an opportunity to try and raise awareness and funds for this special group of people. When we raced Astras, Corsa and BMW M3’s we ran with Macmillan logos on the cars bonnets and now we have an open day we feel its right to try and continue our support.


Not much needs to be said for Help for Heroes so well known is the work of the charity in helping our wounded armed forces who protect us so well but an event John took part in for the charity when he was driving in the BTCC really brought it home the importance of the work this organisation does. Notwithstanding this we also recognise the fact that we have great many customers who serve in our armed forces so it seems fitting to support this charity as well.

So, any profits from the open day will be split equally between these two worthy causes and we will be collecting on the day as well.