Off Road Racing

Thorney Motorsport FIA cage competing in 2019 Dakar Rally

We are delighted to be able to support Ignacio Casale in his entry to the 2019 Dakar in his Yamaha YXZ1000 by supplying one of our FIA approved and certificated race cages. Ignacio, a Redbull supported athlete chose our cage to ensure the stiffest chassis as well as being in compliant with the notoriously awkward […]

Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2018

In 2017 we were the first racing UTV to be invited to attend the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed event where we joined the other off road race cars in the Britpart off road arena. We had a great time and clearly Goodwood thought so too so for 2018 we were invited to run a […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship 2016 – Final

After the DNF at the last round at Bovington where we destroyed an engine through water ingress we knew that a championship class win was out of our hands, Neil in the other Yamaha YXZ1000R has driven too well all season for that to happen, but at least a Yamaha was to be victorious in […]

British SxS Championship Final Round 2016

With the new that the British SxS Championship had been opened up to non Polaris models (previously the series was Polaris only) we decided that it would be good to show our support for the series at the final enduro round of the season. As befits our role as customer support for the YXZ1000 for […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship Round 5 Bovington 2016

Well it had to happen I guess – our first DNF (did not finish). In reality it was more of a DNS (did not start), we didnt even mange one run on the course before we flooded the engine with water and killed it. Round 5 of the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship was […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship Rnd 4 – Ceri

Sometimes you go racing and sometimes you go testing and this weekend was very much the latter. With a seven week break after the last race we decided to implement a range of upgrades to the car ahead for this race with sadly some mixed results. A major part of our role with Yamaha is […]

European ATV Trophy, Bastogne 2016

Well that was an interesting weekend. Its nice to have a bit of fun from racing and whilst our main series for this season is the British Cross Country Championship its important for us to develop the car for different kinds of racing and other championships so when we were invited to come along to […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship Rnd 3 – Forest Estate, Scotland

Well we knew this round was going to be tough and it was, but the net result is that we are now leading the Championship for our class. Forest Estate in Scotland is a lovely place but with teeth, it has teeth in the form of a course that bites if you get it wrong […]

Yamaha Dealer Day 2016

As part of our role with Yamaha we are here to help promote the car both externally and internally to the Yamaha family so this month we got the chance to attend the annual Yamaha bike dealer days at Silverstone. Each year every Yamaha dealer gets the chance to come along to hear of new […]

Yamaha Racing Media Day 2016

Some of the UK’s finest motorcycle journalists got the chance to drive the Yamaha YXZ1000R round the Yamaha Experience, located at Thorney Motorsport, home of the YXZ1000R Race Team. Yamaha YXZ1000R Racing & Experience Media Day The video and pictures says it all. You too can have a try of the car on the same […]

SxS Endurance Championship, Round 3

A central part of our role with Yamaha is the support of all new owners and drivers of the new YXZ1000R. Our operation and indeed Yamaha’s own ethos is that the relationship starts with the car purchase not ends so our role is to support all new drivers in all their competition aims for the […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship Rnd 2 – Bovington, Hampshire

Round two is at Bovington, the British Army tank training ground so its rough and with added tank obstacles so we knew it would be fun if nothing else. Day 1 The drive round showed the track to be smoother than we expected, a lot of open gravel trails were fast and open which would […]

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship Rnd 1 – Pikes Peak, Wales.

The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship is one of four different race series we will be competing in this year, the events are Competition Safaris, that is a single stage, usually 8-10km long that you run multiple times over the course of two days. The stages vary from place to place but are usually […]

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

For the first time ever at the Goodwood Festival of Speed guests will be able to come have a high speed passenger ride in a Yamaha YXZ1000R courtesy of the Swift Yamaha YXZ1000R Racing Team. Following the huge success at last years Goodwood Festival of Speed where John Thorne piloted one of the works Swift […]

New team partner – Avant Techno

We are delighted to announce a new partner for the Swift Group Yamaha Racing YXZ1000 Race team – Avant Tecno UK We tend not to use the term ‘sponsor’ here at Thorney Motorsport, we prefer ‘partner’ as it more accurately reflects the nature of how we and Yamaha work. A team partner provides something to the team that we […]

SxS Championship Tyre Test

The majority of our racing in the Yamaha YXZ1000R since launch has been in rally type events on tyres that are heavily controlled by MSA (UK Motorsport Association), in short if they aren’t on their approved list – you cant use them. However for the 2017 season we are also running cars in the UK […]

Yamaha YXZ1000R Factory Race Team

Media Information For Release January 13th 2016-01-07 Yamaha announce the UK’s first full factory backed UTV race team Working with recognised UTV racing operation, Thorney Motorsport, Yamaha have launched the UK’s first dedicated, factory backed UTV race team competing in selected UK and international races for 2016. Central to the racing plans are a pair of […]

BCCC – Round 2 Radnor, Wales

  By John Thorne – Sun, 10 May 2015 20:03 One of the best aspects of the British Cross Country Championship (and the idea of Safari Rallying) is that each track is different, some are more rally type stages and some are more full offroad and the whole series is based on the idea that […]




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