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Callum Noble, Class B MSV Supercup Champion

Well, first full season in his E46 M3 and first class championship, cant say better than that. Last round was at Brands Hatch, a track Callum knows well, he had a 5 point lead going into the last race but taking into account dropped rounds was a net 8 points behind in second place so […]

MSV Track day Championship Round 5 – Zandevorte

Well we like it wet (well Callum does) and after Donington Park we thought we’d be too lucky to get another race but blow me thats exactly what we got, only this time it was too wet. With zero practice available and Callum having never sat foot in the place let alone race it we […]

MSV Track Day Championship Round 4 – Donington Park

Well a wet wet wet Donington Park was the scene for round 4 of the Championship and Callum likes it wet so we were hopeful of a good round. Last race we had some issues with he differential so that had been swapped and testing on Friday confirmed all was good so we were keen […]

Track Day Championship, Oulton Park

Our first wet race of the year but another great result. The Friday test didnt go so well, lots of red flags meant limited running and we picked up a whining noise from the rear diff that we diagnosed simply as worn bearings so would require a rebuild which isnt something we can do in […]

MSV Track Day Championship Round 2 – Snetterton

Well if it aint broke dont fix it, with a class win in round one we decided to leave the M3 in the same class and run it this year in part as a learning year for Callum as he gets used to the extra power and weight. Well he’s learning, a near faultless drive […]

MSV Track Day Championship Round 1

You never know what will happen with a new season and its fair to say that this one was a bit of a surprise. Pre-season went well, the car has been heavily updated with new brakes, aero, less weight, new exhaust but the one thing we didnt touch was the power, plan was to run […]

2019 Season BMW Racing

Well 2019 is with us and there has been a lot of changes to the BMW E36 M3 driven by Callum Noble. Last year was a test year really to see how Callum adapted to the higher weight, power and grip of the E46 M3 chassis which bearing in mind he came from the 1125kg […]

Badger Oak Sponsors Day

To reflect the enhanced support we have had from Badgers Oak this season we decided to host a fun day out for them at Bruntingthorpe Training Ground. Bruntingthorpe is basically an airfield where you can use areas simply for fun and also a short course track to both try out cars and do some testing. […]

2018 Season Report BMW M3

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a few people ask why we’ve not been releasing race reports this year and whilst we dont want to disappoint our followers we did have a couple of reasons why we havent. The first reason is that Goodwood Festival of Speed and our Yamaha racing operation really did […]

2018 Race Season

Our 2018 racing plans are our most exciting yet and the first one we can announce is our latest E46 M3 (our 9th we have built) to be driven by our regular driver – Callum Noble. Callum has decided to jump into the deep end moving from two successful seasons in Production BMW right up […]

BMW Racing 2017 Round 3 Silverstone

Well if ever there was a weekend of highs and lows this was it. Having never raced the Silverstone National circuit before we used the test day for Callum to find his way round and get an idea of the track, personally I love the National as its about braking and picking your over taking […]

BMW Racing 2017 Round 2 Brands Hatch

Second race of the year and seeing as Callum likes the GP Circuit at Brands we had high hopes, Friday test went well with Callum improving his times throughout the day and our track walk on Friday night showed up some areas we could improve on. Saturday qualifying went well, 2nd in class behind the […]

BMW Racing 2017 Round 1 Cadwell Park

The start of Callums third season with us has brought about some changes for the 2017 season. For a start we have a new car, Callums last got enough of a hit at Brands Hatch to mean that the shell was a little past its best so we brought out the spare car from retirement […]

Production BMW End of Season Report 2016

It only seems like yesterday, driving round a windy Bruntingthorpe, car to car explaining over taking and positioning to Callum as he listened intently, sponging all the information he could before his first race and now I’m congratulating him on a near top ten finish in one of the UK’s most competitive race series, his […]

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